Monday, 27 October 2008

VOR - ERICSSON 4 LEG ONE DAY 15 QFB: received 25.10.08 1216 GMT

by Brad Jackson – watch captain

The days have been rolling by very fast and we have been out here for 2 weeks already. It feels like we are on the home stretch now even though we have a lot of weather to get through before Cape Town.

The last 3 days into Cape Town sound wet and wild so we are enjoying being fairly dry and comfortable for another day or so before the low pressure comes and gets us and hopefully carries us most of the way to the finish.

We have had a good night and managed to get ourselves in front but not by much, this race reminds me of how tight the racing use to be in the Volvo 60 boats with the first 4 boats all in sight yesterday and of course we have Puma joined to us again which we are a little tired of.

The boys seem to be making up for Tony not being here but we notice the workload has gone up for everyone and we will miss his skills in the next few days.

I wanted to say hi to my oldest son Liam who follows this race permanently and I hope you are helping Mum with your brothers and behaving yourself, we are doing our best and will see you in Cape Town, Love Dad

Brad Jackson – watch captain

MCM note - Couple of bits of interest this morning, the first was Ryan (Godfrey) sporting a very white neck! Was he getting ready for London 2012 as a shot putter? No he just loves using Sudocrem for any minor scrape or scratch.

The other was the biggest flying fish I have seen - unfortunately it had arrived onboard over night and won’t be flying anymore. I reckon that if Chris Dickson had been hit by this fish in the Whitbread in ‘97, he would have had his head taken off rather than just the black eye he received!

Volvo Ocean Race

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