Monday, 27 October 2008

VOR - ERICSSON 3 LEG ONE DAY 15 QFB: received 25.10.08 2223 GMT

by Eivind Melleby - Helmsman/trimmer

‘Life at the Extreme’: that's the catchword for this race. So far it has been extremely wet, dark, hot, calm, beautiful, frustrating, fun and disappointing. All in all both many good and many bad experiences.

We still have left to experience the extreme cold and, not least, the frightening parts of this race. Since I have not done this race before I can only just imagine how it will be like with these boats, which has bigger muscles than any time before.
Maybe we will get a first taste of the more extreme conditions in the next coming days. It seems we will have breeze and waves enough for breaking the 24-hour-record on 563 NM, which means approximately 24 knots average.

We will have to hold on tight and stay concentrated to keep crew and equipment in one piece. We have a long trip in front of us.

Volvo Ocean Race

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