Sunday, 24 May 2009

VOR: Ian Moore Interviewed by Lucy Harwood, Green Dragon

Ian Moore on arrival in Galway. Image copyright Yongtao Jiang/Green Dragon Racing.

What was it like out on the water when you finished?
There were a few ribs right out 20 miles, I thought it was pretty good of those guys to come all the way out here. Then there were a few more boats and a few more boats and then suddenly there were just boats everywhere. It was just huge, it was just going off out there and its like four in the morning. And its one of the biggest receptions we’ve seen in any port so far. Its just huge, phenomenal, really really cool.

How was the leg. Third place, just fantastic?
I have never been so happy to be third in my life, that was awesome. The guys sailed really, really well. We’re not quite as quick as some of the other boats and so we have to work harder and do better than most guys and we did! We obviously did well on the downwind section of the race and that is because we pushed it a little bit harder for longer, we trimmed harder, we grinded harder. Hopefully we did some stuff right at the back of the boat and it paid off we got a podium position. We were almost in second and we were just watching PUMA and Telefonica coming at us, nothing we can do, but we managed to hold off Telefonica and we were over the moon about it I can tell you.

How does that compare to other North Atlantic crossings you have had?
Crossing the Atlantic is always a little bit special but to do it as an Irishman on and Irish boat arriving into Galway for an Irish stopover in the Volvo Ocean Race, that’s just a little bit special isn’t it? It is awesome it was a great race track, it was a great race. We had three or four days of just the best sailing conditions you could want. Cold water, but just going downwind at a thousand miles an hour, and just great fun, it was really great fun.

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