Monday, 12 October 2009

Vasco Vascotto Wins Class Zero in Barcolana on his 40th Birthday; Maxi Jena is Overall Race Winner

Vasco Vascotto on his was to winning Class Zero in the Barcolana on his 40th birthday.Image copyright Gianni Armiraglio.

by Gabriele Cutini (summarised in translation)

The annual Barcolana race off Trieste, Italy, was held this year on Vasco Vascotto's 40th birthday, 12th October 2009. He celebrated in fine style, with old, and no-so-old friends, by winning Class Zero of the Barcolana in his TP52.

Vascotto's TP52 during the Barcolana. Image copyright Gianni Armiraglio.

Overall Barcolana 2009 race winner was the super-maxi, Maxi Jena, designed by Andrej Justin.

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