Friday, 22 January 2010

Bay of Islands Sailing Week Day 2

Beach Party at the Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2010. Image copyright Cathy Vercoe LuvMyBoat.

by Lesley Haslar

The storm Wednesday night brought the predicted weather pattern in ahead of time – thank you Mother Nature - 15 mls of rain drenched parched grounds in the Bay of islands. Thursday morning dawned cloudless and Bay of Islands Sailing Race Day two began. Panic returned when a sudden squall hit as boats headed out into the bay, but it passed over in minutes and races began on schedule.

Race Officer Paddy Simms on A, B and M courses had less time Thursday to sit and watch the racing, with regular wind shifts and the continual resetting of course flags.

B Division saw really close racing with some contention at a Bottom mark. A few ‘well chosen adjectives’ resounded with boats coming in from two directions; no collisions – so the race continued with no protests.

A Division also had its share of drama with the continuing duel between Rob Bassett’s Wired and Jim Farmer’s Georgia. Race #1, Wired slipped through around the top mark leading the next leg due an unusual ‘moment of error’ by Georgia.

Rob Bassett conceded the next confrontation at the Bottom mark; with spinnakers flying and winds gusting up to twenty five knots “we undercooked, and Dean Barker was a bit smarter”. A sudden gust during the drop on approach to the mark resulted in Wired rounding up out of control. Georgia was able to slip through and stayed ahead in a short reach to the finishing line.

Paddy told of a moment of drama in A Division when Limit flew through the Multi Hull Start line, the canting-keel hooked up the Pin Buoy anchor line and blew all their settings. The result was a twenty minute delay and we believe Limit was heard to offer a bottle of rum to the committee boat – accepted of course.

The Australian Reichel Pugh 63 Limit finished the day holding her position as first overall in A Division.

All races finished the day At Roberton Island – and the Beach Party began. Limit crew did not join the Beach party with an apparent need to return to base for some maintenance.

Bay of Islands Sailing Week

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