Friday, 4 June 2010

LVT: TEAMORIGIN Update on Progress of the Quaterfinals in La Maddalena

by Leslie Greenhalgh

The Round Robin was finally completed today.

Round Robin : Final results were:

1. ALL4ONE - FRA/GER - 6 points
2. Artemis - SWE - 6 points
3. ETNZ - NZL - 6 points
4. Mascalzone Latino - ITA - 5 points
5. Synergy - RUS - 5 points
6. Azzurra - ITA - 4 points
7. TEAMORIGIN - GBR - 4 points
8. Luna Rossa - ITA - 3 points
9. BMWOracle Racing - USA - 3 points
10. Aleph - FRA - -2 points

The Quarter finals were set to take place today, holding them in order of ranking so if there was a lack of time to complete them all then the event could still move on to Semi-Finals tomorrow.

Quarter Finals progress so far:
QF1 : Synergy (5th in RR) v Mascalzone Latino (4th in RR)
Two races were sailed and the scoreso far is one all in a best of 3 series so one more race to be sailed - the race committe intend to try to sail this race before sunset tonight. If this is not achieved then the first race will count so Synergy will move forward to the semi-finals.

QF2 : ETNZ (3rd in RR) v Azzurra (6th in RR)

If there is time:
QF3 : Artemis (2nd in RR) v TEAMORIGIN (7th in RR)
QF4 : ALL4ONE (1st in RR) v Luna Rossa (8th in RR)

If there is not time to complete QF3 and 4, the top ranked two teams move to the semi finals and lower ranked two sail off against each other - the intention is to race 5th to 8th places race-offs tomorrow.

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