Sunday, 29 August 2010

Knickerbocker Cup: Black Sheep Bow Out

by Reuben Corbett

We had three remaining matches to conclude the round robin here at the Knickerbocker Cup and we lost them all. The errors varied from race to race and each loss was by no more than a length. In sum, our performances in this regatta have been well below the standard we set ourselves. The fault is all ours and we will remedy this as we work towards becoming more consistent.

The quarter finalists are Eugieny Neugodnikov (RUS), Bill Hardesty (USA), Phil Robertson (NZL), William Tiller (NZL), Anna Tunnacliffe (USA), Sally Barkow (USA), Dave Perry (USA) and Taylor Canfield (USVI). Racing is currently underway. We will be supporting our fellow Kiwis!

Next up on the list for us is a much needed ten day break before heading to Korea to compete in the Hahn River International Match Race.

Black Sheep Racing would like to thank the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, friends and family for your support. Thank you!

Black Sheep Racing is Reuben Corbett, Brad Farrand, Tom Bentham and Andrew Clouston.

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