Wednesday, 11 February 2009

LVPS: Alinghi Deafeats Luna Rossa Challenge

Alinghi leads Luna Rossa downwind. Image copyright Stefano Gattini/Luna Rossa Challenge.

by Luna Rossa media

02/09/2009 - Luna Rossa Challenge (ITA) vs Alinghi (SUI)
Wind: N 10-12 knots
Course: Windward - leeward of 1.4 miles (2 laps)

Start: Luna Rossa enters the box from the pin end while Alinghi enters from the Committee Boat. After a long dial-up, Alinghi moves to the right side of the box, followed by Luna Rossa. The Swiss clearly want to protect the right side, and both boats cross the starting line on opposite sides: Alinghi on port tack at the Committee Boat, and Luna Rossa on starboard tack and full speed at the pin end. Both boats are even on the starting line.

After a few lengths Luna Rossa tacks on port; at the first crossing, halfway the first leg, the boats are very close and virtually even. Luna Rossa lee bows Alinghi, but the Swiss manage to survive in this difficult position, with a slight wind shift to the right helping them to reach the left lay line before Luna Rossa. The wind, which favours the left, does not allow Luna Rossa to attack her opponent on the downwind leg, and the two boats will round the left mark at the gate with Alinghi stretching its lead to 17s.

In the second beat, once again Luna Rossa is unable to close the distance on Alinghi, who keeps the control and covers each tack of Luna Rossa.

At the mark Luna Rossa attacks Alinghi with a gybe onto the right, followed by a series of other gybes, promptly controlled by Alinghi; Luna Rossa cannot close the gap and crosses the finishing line with a 24s delay.

Luna Rossa Challenge

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