Wednesday, 11 February 2009

LVPS: Luna Rossa Challenge Wins Over China Team by One Second

Luna Rossa Challenge beats China Team by one second. Image copyright Stefano Gattini/Luna Rossa Challenge.

by Luna Rossa Challenge media

02/10/2009 - Luna Rossa Challenge (ITA) vs China Team (CHN)
Wind: NW 10 knots
Course: Windward - leeward of 1.4 miles (2 laps)

Luna Rossa Challenge on NZL92, China Team on NZL 84

Start: Luna Rossa enters the box from the pin end and escapes the control of China Team, slightly late in its entry. The starting line is clearly favorable on the Committee Boat and both teams fight for this end of the line. Luna Rossa manages to start at the Committee Boat, windward of China Team, with a perfect timing, but gets a penalty in her attempt to escape China Team’s control.

Luna Rossa sails to the lay line on starboard tack, controlling her opponent in a windward position, and tacks at the left lay line to round the windward mark one length ahead of China Team.

Also in the first downwind leg one side is significantly favored, and both boats jibe just before reaching the gate. Both choose the left mark and start the upwind leg on starboard tack, with Luna Rossa leading by 19s and windward of China Team. Notwithstanding a change of course, the left is still favored and the boats sail on starboard tack up to the left lay line, with Luna Rossa ahead and windward of China Team. At the windward mark Luna Rossa has increased her advantage to 29s.

Once again both boats are forced to sail the run on port tack, with Luna Rossa trying to stretch her lead as much as possible on China Team in order to clear the penalty.

Luna Rossa reaches the Committee Boat without gybing and, with an excellent maneuver, clears the penalty and wins the race by 1s, thus qualifying for the Quarter Finals against BMW Oracle Racing.

Luna Rossa Challenge

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