Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vendée Globe: Sam Davies Finishes Vendée Globe in Third Place at 0041 GMT

by Vendée Globe media

Sam Davies finishes the Vendee Globe, third across the finish line early on this Valentine's mornng, an incredible achievement, finishing at 00hrs 41 mins and 01 seconds GMT. Her Roxy boys shore team are on board immediately - hugs all round...

On the way to the finish line, Sam was smiling broadly, and waving like a lunatic, under constant blitz of flashes from cameras, accompanied by a cacophony of cheers and whistles.

Sam's time is 95 days 4 hours 39 mins 01 sec WITH her redress of 32 hours. Her shore crew are on board and the scrutineer will go on board to check Roxy's engine seals.

Sam looks delirious, and no doubt exhausted, elated and will be sad her great adventure is over. She has sailed impeccably and shared her race widely and freely, without any pretension. 10.87 knots average speed on a theoretical distance of 24840 miles.

Vendée Globe

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