Wednesday, 25 March 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG FIVE DAY 38 QFB: received 23.03.09 1736 GMT

Grinding in light airs, onboard Telefonica Blue, on leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race, from Qingdao to Rio de Janeiro. Image copyright Gabriele Olivo/Telefonica Blue/Volvo Ocean Race.

by Simon Fisher

And so it begins, the wind is getting light and we are starting our fight with the high pressure system that looks to keep us busy for the next few days...

The good news, for us at least, is that for the first time in some weeks it looks like we haven't been dealt the worst hand with regards to the weather. We have been steadily closing on Green Dragon over the last few days and now, if things go well for us, their may be a chance of catching them by the finish. What was a glimmer of hope may actually have some standing in reality as they look to be fully engulfed by the high and by the time they escape they may find themselves with a beat all the way to the finish!

However, it is very early to get too excited, but certainly just the suggestion of catching them has given everyone a second wind and some added motivation on top of the desire to get to Rio for decent food and a shower!!

With the wind getting lighter, and the weather warmer, today has been the day that we have finally been able to throw off all the winter gear and start sailing in shorts and t-shirt again. Technically we are still in the Southern Ocean but the sun is out and it is dry on deck and I am pleased to say the hats and gloves have gone back into the gear bag for good on this leg!

Volvo Ocean Race

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