Saturday, 26 June 2010

WMRT: Mirksy Racing Team Undefeated on Day 2 in Portugal

by Kinley Fowler

After waiting patiently for the wind to settle in, MRT’s dominant form shone through going through the day undefeated.

Once again racing was delayed as the seabreeze couldn’t settle in, and the teams were left to soak up the sun in this picture perfect arena.

The racing wasn’t quite so easy however, with Team Azzura’s Francesco Bruni looking to draw the day’s first blood. Both teams were pushing to the limits to get the advantage off the line, and finding some speed, MRT managed to force Azzura to tack off to the unfavoured side, and with this slight advantage the Australian’s managed to lead through to the finish.

The final race of the day saw a rematch of the Korea Match Cup semi finals with MRT seeking revenge on the French Match Racing Team, lead by Mathieu Richard. A feisty prestart saw MRT lead marginally off the line after a daring stunt by skipper Torvar Mirsky got them in front.

“It was pretty touch and go as to whether we were going to fit in the small gap between Richard’s boat and the committee boat, but luck was on our side and the boys did a pretty good job to get us up to speed without getting a penalty” said Torvar Mirsky after the day’s racing came to a close.

“We were really happy with our last race against Richard, but also the whole day. We are sailing well, but I still think we have some room for improvement.”

Mirsky Racing Team
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