Friday, 13 March 2009

New Sailing Games Book

by Zoe Hawkins

Yachting New Zealand has produced a brand new Sailing Games book. The book is a collection of forty fun games to improve skills and knowledge, ten for on shore and thirty for on the water.

This fully illustrated book is a great tool for coaches and loads of fun for parents and sailors. It also makes a great birthday present or gift for another occasion.

These games can be played in all types of boats from dinghies to windsurfers, catamarans to keelboats, and many of the games can be played with as few as two boats. It’s not just for kids either; these games are great for beginners to seasoned racers.

This book is available from Yachting New Zealand and is only $16.99 plus postage. See the “Store” section of the YNZ website (click the link below)

Each Yacht Club has been sent a complimentary copy of the book; these should arrive at your club this week, so get hold of it, take a look and try it out!

Yachting New Zealand

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