Tuesday, 10 March 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG FIVE DAY 24 QFB: received 09.03.09 0618 GMT

by Simon Fisher (helmsman)

Just a quick one today to say 'at last some downwind sailing!' Last night, whilst sailing painfully slowly to once again make repairs to the prop box, the wind finally gave way and lifted to an angle where we can get some big sails on! With the repairs in place the A3 was hoisted and we are off again at a decent pace and hopefully loosing less to the leaders.

Whilst we still seem to be suffering as a result of being further to the south at least now we are able to match the pace of our rivals and our headstay damage isn't a handicap which has lifted morale considerably.

In fact things are beautiful on deck right now, for 45 degrees south at least! Despite the grey skies and occasional rain the weather isn't too cold, it isn't too wet and the miles are falling away. Cape Horn now does not seem quite so distant and we have the bit between our teeth once more!

Hopefully things are now starting to look up again!

Volvo Ocean Race

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