Sunday, 8 March 2009

VOR: PUMA Leg Five Day 22 QFB: received 07.03.09 0321 GMT

by Rick Deppe

At 2217 hrs on the 6th we tacked back onto port and finally we have our bow somewhat pointing at "The Horn", a little under 4000 miles away. That’s the good news, the reality is somewhat bleaker.

Who would ever have imagined that we would be in the Volvo Ocean Race actually beating in the Southern Ocean, and I don't just mean beating for a few hours, we're talking days here.... it's madness and not much fun either. The boat is constantly heeled over at a 23 degree angle and bouncing around violently as we launch off hundreds of waves every hour. I just counted 14 in the last minute - proof enough.

The galley is destroyed again and throughout the rest of the boat the tack has left little bits of humanity everywhere - hairs, socks, mini kit-kat wrappers. If you can imagine it, I guarantee its in the bilge somewhere on this boat, No doubt its pretty much the same story throughout the fleet which is I suppose some consolation... at least I'm probably not the only one who's a bit miserable!

I wonder how my fellow MCM's are all doing. Hopefully they are in good spirits and like me trying to figure out the best way to tell this story now that the obvious (having a competing boat right next to you) is no longer an option. Until the scoring gate, the race was playing out hour by hour, from here on the timeframe of the race will be measured in days and possibly weeks. In fact the race’s winning decision may already have been made, let’s hope not. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll see a close finish like the last two!

Volvo Ocean Race

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