Monday, 18 May 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 3 LEG SEVEN DAY 2 QFB: received 17.05.09 0029 GMT

by Aksel Magdahl (navigator)

What a crazy start today! Suddenly at the first mark, there was a huge ship coming out of the fog only boat lengths away, with plenty of police boats and tugs. I did not really react to the sirens at first as there were so many spectator boats. We just snuck in ahead of it while Delta Lloyd had to sail around it. Very unfortunate for them, but they came back and passed us shortly after.

That makes me think of an old sailing computer game, where the main obstacle in the middle of the match races were ships driving through the racing course. We just had to laugh at it today, really. It was too crazy. Sure the captain of the gas tanker did not laugh as much, he probably had no idea there was a big race going on before we came out of the fog ahead of him.

The fog is THICK. We had Magnus in the bow looking for crossing boats sailing out of the channel. At one stage we were in the wind shadow of another boat without being able to see it. So we keep a constant radar watch.

Boston was really nice to us, thank you to everyone who has showed interest, and especially all the American Ericsson 3 fans! It is so fun to be called by name by people we have never met before and randomly run into at a restaurant, the street or in the race village.

Nice to head off again with no trouble, the boat is in top shape, once again many thanks to our shore crew!

We have sailed for about two hours, and Gustav is already asleep by his computer on the beanbag. Everything normal.

Best from all on E3.

Volvo Ocean Race

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