Saturday, 23 May 2009

VOR: Green Dragon - Into the North Atlantic

Strong conditions on deck. Image copyright Guo Chuan/Green Dragon Racing.

by Lucy Harwood

The fleet are setting themselves up for the low pressure system they hope to ride all the way into Galway Bay. Whilst Telefonica Blue, Delta Lloyd and PUMA made the gybe north, Ericsson 4 and Telefonica Black stayed in the middle and Ericsson 3 and Green Dragon kept the more southerly route. The next three days will be about riding the storm, keeping your boat sailing as fast as possible, whilst keeping the sails and boat in one piece. It is about smart and fast sailing, and a difficult balance for all involved, the prize is up for grabs and the downwind sailing is about to kick in. For Green Dragon the crew are looking forward to the bigger breeze, “Hopefully we can stretch our legs and show them what the Green Dragon does best, which is sail well and sail fast downwind,” commented watchleader Damian Foxall this morning. Due to a technical issue with the automated position report software, the fleet have effectively gone into stealth mode as we cannot see them on the race map at this time!

Update from Watchleader Damian Foxall
"Hopefully we can keep the sails up there and the keel down there for the next 3 days, we should be coming into Galway looking good. Coming back to Ireland is a huge part of what this project is all about, I know all the lads onboard will remember Galway from when we were training pre start about 9 months ago. It is going to be a changed town by the time we get there in three days time. I think everyone onboard has someone coming to visit, whether they are coming from England, or New Zealand, Australia or Kerry! There will be a lot of people in Galway this next couple of weeks."

Green Dragon Racing
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