Thursday, 18 June 2009

Auckland Regional Council to Phase Out Seabed Fees

by Jodie Bakewell-White

Last week the Auckland Regional Council resolved to phase out excessive and unfair seabed fees levied on Auckland boaties.

On Tuesday June 9th the ARC met to deliberate on its annual long term plan and to consider submissions from the people of Auckland. Following a petition last November and many submissions from Auckland boaties, Chairman Mike Lee and his Councillors resolved to phase out the unpopular fees over a four year period. Further the ARC will write to Rodney and Manukau City Councils for similar action in support of Pine Harbour and Gulf Harbour boaties.

Half Moon Bay spokesman and campaigner against the fees, Geoff Burgess says, “It was a great day for Auckland boaties. This is the city of sails, we have a magnificent harbour and boating is what it’s all about for thousands of Auckland families.”

With the ARC resolution occupation costs to boaties will reduce significantly at Half Moon Bay, Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and Westpark, and will bring them in line with Westhaven, Bayswater, OBC and Orakei as recreational boating facilities.” Boaties now look to Rodney and Manukau City Councils to support boaties at Pine Harbour and Gulf Harbour.

Geoff Burgess says, “Auckland boaties owe a huge vote of thanks to ARC Chair Mike Lee in the ARC action to support boating as an affordable sport and recreation for Aucklanders.”

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