Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Yachting New Zealand Coaching Framework

by Jodie Bakewell-White

There are career opportunities in coaching and a real need to up skill and develop our currently certified coaches.

Yachting New Zealand is staging the learning over time and slowly moving away from the long weekend sitting in a classroom. We want these modules to be delivered and worked on so coaches can take a new idea try it out and come back to the class environment with new experiences.

Here is how the framework looks; new logos have been designed to avoid confusion between the course names. Who are you and how do you fit into this?

Assistant Club Instructor (Under 18)

Club/Keelboat Instructor (Over 18)

Race Coach: You do a bit of club sailing yourself, you are over 16 and you have done a Club/Keelboat Instructor course at your club already, or you are a parent of a kid who is now racing. If you want to get into coaching, then this for you.

Regatta Coach: You have a couple of years experience coaching at a national and regional level. Perhaps you have taken a team or individuals to a National Championship or another significant event. If you want to up skill your entry level coach qualification, this course is for you.

Performance Coach: Ok now you’re really getting serious with coaching as a job prospect or part time income. You are dealing with athletes that are looking at competing internationally and you have the technical knowledge and ability to deliver this information well. You will be at this level until you have coached an athlete to success at the Olympic Games.

Olympic Coach: You are in the elite group of coaches who have produced results at the Olympic Games. You are a coach mentor and will be working with performance coaches to give them the knowledge and skills to produce top sailors.

There will be courses run over the winter so get in touch with Rob Hielkema, YNZ Coach Development Manager to register your interest: ; tel. (09) 361 4027

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