Wednesday, 17 June 2009

WMRT: Damien Iehl Wins His Ticket to Match Cup Sweden

Match racing on the Neva river, St Petersburg for the Sails of the White Nights - the National Congress Palace Cup 2009. Image copyright event organisers.

by Tatiana Ermakova

The last day of racing was very dynamic with good wind blowing across the Neva river. The wind direction and strong current on Neva helped the Race Committee to set the course so that there was enough room for the regatta take place as well as ships to go about their business throughout the day.

Damien Iehl (FRA) won 3 matches in a row against Jacopo Pasini (ITA) and qualified for the grand final. Peter Wibroe (DEN) beat Alexis Littoz Baritel (FRA) 3:1 to become Iehl’s opponent. Jacopo Pasini (ITA) and Alexis Littoz Baritel fought for 3rd place in the petit final. Littoz turned out to be stronger and beat his rival 2:0.

The first match of the final series was led by Wibroe from the very beginning, with Iehl being penalized three times during the match. The Danish team was the first to cross the starting line of the second match as well, and kept the French trailing during the whole race, but Iehl was faster and managed finish before his opponent. This encouraged Iehl’s team and they won 2 other matches in a row and became the winner of the “Sails of White Nights – the National Congress Palace Cup 2009” and got his ticket for Match Cup Sweden.

All the wins and loses of the reagatta were witnessed and supported by more than 50 000 spectators walking along the shore of Neva river. This event was a great holiday for the citizens and guests of Saint-Petersburg.

Official results of the event
1. Damien Iehl FRA
2. Peter Wibroe DEN
3. Alexis Littoz Baritel FRA
4. Jacopo Pasini ITA
5. Philip Robertson NZL
6. Rui Boia POR
7. Eugeniy Neugodnikov RUS
8. Eugeniy Nikiforov RUS
9. Andrew Arbuzov RUS
10. Sergey Musikhin RUS
11. Manuel Weiller Vidal ESP
12. Marek Stanczyk POL

Sails of White Nights
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