Tuesday, 9 June 2009

VOR: PUMA LEG EIGHT DAY 2 QFB: received 07.06.09 1253 GMT

PUMA crew in the early morning. Image copyright Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing.

by Rick Deppe

Sailing by the Lizard Point this morning, Shannon (Shannon Falcone) and I simultaneously broke into a stirring rendition of "Jerusalem". Clearly we were both happy to see the green and pleasant fields but our little sing-along came with the added bonus of being a nice little wind up to our Southern Hemisphere friends here on the team, Casey (Casey Smith) reckons the version of "Tie me Kangaroo down sport" that he and Capey (Andrew Cape) gave us on Australia Day was much better..... I'm not so sure, and even though we were a little rusty on some of the words, especially in the second verse we were able to successfully hum our way out of trouble.

Of course, its a little frustrating to sail by your home country and not stop in at least for a cooked breakfast and a cup of tea, on top of that we'll be missing the final of "The Apprentice" tonight......... on second thoughts maybe its a good thing we're not stopping, suffering through the addictive "Britains Got Talent" while we were in Galway was enough, although having said that I do hope that Susan Boyle is feeling better.

Extremely close racing here as we enter the English Channel. At the moment we seem to have our nose pocked out in front of Telefonica Blue. There is some really tricky sailing ahead and the mile or so lead we currently have could easily disappear at one of the many traps that lie ahead of us. Capey's biggest concern at the moment seems to be that the wind will die out while we are in the Channel and leave us at the mercy of the strong tides.

Volvo Ocean Race

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