Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Day Two Report from PUMA International Moth Worlds

Andrew "Amac" McDougall still in the lead after three races

Bora Gulari (USA) at the PUMA Moth Worlds in the UAE. Image copyright Th. Martinez/Sea&Co.

by Bridgid Murphy

Day Two of PUMA International Moth Worlds got to a late start as a foggy haze and light winds lead to a 30 minute postponement onshore. Today was really a pressure game- those who stayed in the pressure were able to get up on their foils and make gains. The fleet had three races today, bringing the total for the event up to four. Races two and three saw light winds and tough foiling conditions. The breeze filled in a bit for race four, allowing the fleet to really get up and moving. The leader board remains relativity unchanged, with Andrew "Amac" McDougall still in the number one spot.

PUMA Moth Worlds Day 2. Image copyright Th. Martinez/Sea&Co.

After day two, the top five are:

1. Andrew McDougall (AUS)
2. Michael Lennon (GBR)
3. Brad Funk (USA)
4. Scott Babbage (AUS)
5. Chris Graham (UAE)

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