Sunday, 7 March 2010

LVT: Artemis Announce Crew for Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland

by Jennifer Hall

Racing for the Louis Vuitton Trophy - Auckland begins on March 9 and will see ARTEMIS line up against seven of the world's top professional sailing teams to compete for this prestigious prize. Following on from two days of practice racing this Sunday and Monday, the teams will begin the round robin match racing on Tuesday which leads to the elimination rounds on March 17 & 18, followed by the semi-finals on March 19 & 20 and the final match on Sunday, 21 March to determine the winner of the Louis Vuitton Trophy.

The team onboard ARTEMIS includes:

Tactician Paul Cayard (USA)
Helmsman Terry Hutchinson (USA)
Strategist Cameron Appleton (NZL)
Navigator Kevin Hall (USA)
Bow Andy Feathers (AUS)
Mid Bow Phil Jameson (NZL)
Mast David Brooke (NZL)
Pit Jared Henderson (NZL)
Stb Grind Craig Monk (NZL)
Pt Grind Ian Baker (NZL)
Trim Up Robbie Naismith (NZL)
Trim Dwn Morgan Trubovich (NZL)
Main Grind Joe Spooner (NZL)
Main Trim Noel Drennan (AUS)
Traveller Sean Clarkson (NZL)
Aft Grind Magnus Auguston (SWE)
Runner Pit Rodney Daniel (AUS)
Reserve Mark Newbrook (USA)
Reserve David Endean (NZL)

You can follow the racing live with VirtualEye on the event website

Artemis Racing
Louis Vuitton Trophy

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