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Harken Women's International Match Racing Championships 2010: Update on Day 3

One Kiwi and three Aussies in the semi-finals: Sam Osborne (NZL) joins Lucinda Whitty, Olivia Price and Jessica Eastwell

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Danielle Bowater (Boat 1, RNZYS) vs Josie Roper (CYCA, Boat 1) in Flight 8, Round Robin 1, Harken Women's International Match Racing Regatta. Image copyright Howard Wright/Image Professional Photography.

by CYCA staff

DAY Three:
A beautifiul sunny day on the harbour with sou'easterly breezes of 12 knots. Racing is in the vicinity of Rushcutters Bay.

A short AP whilst the draw for the semi-finals is completed.

It is PRO Denis Thompson's intention to conduct the sail off for minor placings and one flight of the semi finals with Flight 2 of the sail-off.

Final flights of Round Robin Two

Flight Eight
Osborne (RNZYS) dft Eastwell (RPAYC)
Whitty (CYCA) dft Hazard (RNZYS)
Bowater (RNZYS) dft Roper (CYCA)
Price (RPAYC) dft Trudgen (RPNYC)
Thomson (CYCA) dft Stuart (USA)

Flight Nine
Osborne (RNZYS) dft Whitty (CYCA) - handing Whitty her first loss for the regatta
Eastwell (RPAYC) dft Roper (CYCA)
Hazard (RNZYS) dft Stuart (USA)
Bowater (RNZYS) dft Price (RPAYC)
Thomson (CYCA) dft Trudgen (RPNYC)

Leaderboard after Two Round Robins:
1st - Whitty - 17 wins 1 losses
2nd - Osborne - 15 wins 3 losses
3rd - Price - 13 wins 5 losses
4th - Eastwell - 12 wins 6 losses
5th - Hazard - 11 wins 7 losses
6th - Bowater - 9 wins 9 losses
7th - Roper - 4 wins 14 losses
8th - Thomason - 4 wins 14 losses
9th - Trudgen - 3 wins 15 losses
10th - Stuart - 2 wins 14 losses

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