Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 3 LEG TEN DAY 1 QFB: received 25.06.09 2243 GMT

by Gustav Morin

“We had to duck them”

Before PUMA tacked, they went closer to shore than any other boat. A couple of minutes ago we concluded that that was not the perfect move. We met them on port tack and from being behind, we were now a couple of hundred metres ahead, we now just had to duck them.

We have had dinner onboard and we are now staying awake with eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate and drinking coffee.

“Well, actually it’s not too bad at all. I started this leg with sleeping two hours, which is about twice as much as I slept the last leg, so I'm very happy, Richard Mason commented when he and his watch mate Martin Krite got up from their bunks a couple of hours ago.

Aksel Magdahl has not slept that much yet. One second he is behind the screens of the nav computers and the other second he is on deck with the portable screen. He is living his dream but even so, he has some issues with motivation.

“It is a bit crazy. This kind of job is the best I can think of and sailing this race is a lifetime opportunity, the coolest thing you can do in sailing if you ask me. Even so, I’m a bit fed up now. It would have been so much more fun if I could have a couple of months off and then do this leg. But that’s not the case and we just have to keep on struggling.

Volvo Ocean Race

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