Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG TEN DAY 1 QFB: received 25.6.09 2044 GMT

by Gabri Olivo

We just tacked with Ericsson 4 just few minutes after us. The last three hours have been a bit up and down, the wind was shifting quite a bit from something like 20 to 60 degrees TWD. The two Ericsson boats managed to climb up quite well on us thanks to some lifting puffs and we did the same thing to PUMA. We're only 200 metres in front of Ericsson 4, nearly one mile in front of Ericsson 3 and same distance behind PUMA. We're now all on port for another 30 minutes or so, after that we'll all tack again towards the channel. Everyone is hiking hard pushing the boat. It's going to be pretty long.

Volvo Ocean Race

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