Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 4 LEG TEN DAY 2 QFB: received 26.06.09 0959 GMT

by Guy Salter

The fleet is spread over the Gulf of Finland but we can still see the majority of the fleet.

Overall, we have not faired the best this morning, but a 15-degree shift could change things dramatically.

With only 160 nm to the finish (not including the flexi course triangle that may be included at the finish) it could be hard to close the ground - but then again as with all legs - the closer to land, the more unpredictable the breeze.

We are also expecting a significant reduction in wind speed - which also put the cat amongst the pigeons - so to speak!

We have had a very easy trip - to date the only sail changes we have had were on the loop at the start - to go this long without action is exceptionally rare. The sun is blazing and the water is amazingly flat - I guess we are more used to the open ocean - which is a long way to the west of us right now.

Overall very pleasant - if not bordering on the boring.

Volvo Ocean Race

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