Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG TEN DAY 1 QFB: received 25.06.09 1335 GMT

by Gabri Olivo

Here we are after another good start from Iker Martinez, we left the beautiful Stockholm together with thousands of spectator boats (again...). All these people watching the start during a normal weekday made me wonder if in Sweden people actually work at this time of the year, or if they stop when the sunshine comes out. Either way, it was sensational to see how many people are so in to this sport in this country and we all hope to come back next time.

We are now two hours into the race and we are less than half of a mile behind PUMA and the same ahead of the two Ericsson boats. Our sister-ship put the pedal down as soon as we rounded the last mark and she's gaining quite a bit of bearing but losing separation. Same for Green Dragon and Delta Lloyd. Time will tell if they've been brave or not.

Volvo Ocean Race

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