Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Aussie 18 Footers League: "The League" Looks to a Big 2011-12 Season

Colourful kites on Sydney Harbour from the Aussie 18 Footers League. Image copyright Frank Quealey.

by Frank Quealey

The Sydney 18 Footer season finished only one week ago but already administrators at the Australian 18 Footers League are starting to look ahead towards the 2011-2012 Season.

As well as their plans for 2011-2012, the League has also just organised to ship five of their skiffs to compete at the Mark Foy Trophy in Sonderborg, Denmark and/or the International Regatta at San Francisco, USA.

The club's boats in the container are Asko Appliances, Panasonic, Smeg, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers and Yandoo.Encouraged by the LIVE tracking at the 2011 Giltinan plus the increased media coverage and video, the League now believe they have a stronger package to offer sponsors.

The LIVE tracking attracted nearly 12,000 viewers in 29 countries (with no pre publicity), and League officials believe that with more time to organise and promote this fantastic new development in the Australian 18s, the potential to attract more corporates in the future cannot be overlooked.

With a solid base of boat sponsors already for the club-owned fleet, this new opportunity could be a major boost for income and ensure the continued growth of the Sydney Harbour based skiffs.

In 2011-2012, Sydney's 18ft Skiffs can virtually occupy a full week between races.

A guaranteed preview is the 'Pick the Podium' contest. Accessed through, the player can select the three skiffs (in order) which will finish first-to-third in the upcoming race and can win various prizes. It is free to enter and is available to players anywhere in the world.

Each race is now receiving excellent coverage through various areas of the media. Obviously LIVE tracking makes the racing available to anyone with a computer anywhere in the world, and is just like being on the harbour.

Immediately after each race, a race report is issued, along with photographic images from the race, and these are published on many of the world's major yachting websites. Within hours of the race a full video coverage is available through the club's website at

Over the following days, the League's online magazine site publishes further photos and 'colour' stories about the competitors, sponsors or some off-beat news from the local or international fleets.

Flying18s Video focuses on the competitors and behind the scenes stories while the Club's Facebook site and 'Supporters Club' are forums for everyone.

By then, it's just about time to make your selection for the next race so it's back to the form guide and