Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Extreme 40 & WMRT: Three Mirsky Racing Team Members Join Oman Sail

The Wave Muscat and Oman Air Masirah training together off Oman. Image copyright Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images/Oman Sail.

by Kinley Fowler

Three members of MRT have been signed on to the “Extreme Sailing Series” for the 2011 season, with Torvar Mirsky, Kyle Langford and Kinley Fowler joining the Middle Eastern syndicate, Oman Sail.

Fortunately, the “Extreme Sailing Series” does not collide with the “World Match Racing Tour”, so MRT will be campaigning as hard as ever to take out the 2011 World Championship title, with the first event taking place in Marseille, France at the beginning of May.

Before that however, the three Oman Sail members will be making their way to Qingdao, China for the second event of the “Extreme Sailing Series” later this week.

Torvar and Kyle have stepped on to the 2010 champion boat, The Wave Muscat along with two of last year’s winning crew Nick Hutton of Great Britain and Khamis Al Anbouri of Oman. Kinley has stepped onto Oman Sail’s second boat Oman Air with French offshore legend Sidney Gavignet at the helm, with David Carr trimming and Nasser Al Mashari on bow.

Torvar Mirsky, skipper/helmsman of The Wave Muscat. Image copyright Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images/Oman Sail.

“We all spent two months in Oman training before the first event in February” recaps Torvar.

“It was very intense, but an amazing experience. The team at Oman Sail are great and helped us all come a long way very quickly. It’s great for me to be able to watch Kyle and Kinley take ownership of their roles in new teams as well, and I am really looking forward to the rest of this season. As for the match racing, I can’t wait to get all the guys together, and I really think this year we have a very realistic chance of taking out the championship.”

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