Saturday, 27 June 2009

Audi MedCup: Live the Dream with Quantum Racing

The chance to "Live the Dream" and take a crewing place among some of the best sailors in the world as an integral part of the Audi MedCup champions team on Quantum Racing at the Portugal Trophy regatta is one which is gathering a huge number of entries worldwide.

Quantum Racing, Marseille Trophy, 11 06 2009. Image copyright Ian Roman/Audi MedCup.

by Sabina Mollart-Rogerson

It’s a concept which has struck a chord with sailors around the globe. The prize is a money can’t buy role on board Quantum Racing during the Portugal Trophy (Portimao, August 18-23). That is… not a VIP role on the media practice day, nor a passenger’s role trying not to trip over the afterguard at the back of the boat, but a bona fide integral role on the team, including three practice days before racing starts and then racing each and every day through the Portugal regatta aboard the famous black and green Audi MedCup champion boat.

Quantum Sails say that so far they have over 300 entries, both in essay form and as YouTube videos, and they are pouring in all the time.

“The consistent theme running through so many of them is how excited and enthused they are with this as an opportunity to see how the very best sailors in the world actually work and what it is like to be part of the team.” Explains Ed Reynolds, Quantum’s President and project manager for Quantum Racing.

The entries are reviewed by a cross section of editors and media people, Quantum representatives as well as Terry Hutchinson and crew members.

“Certainly there is a need for the winner to fit in and be part of the crew, to do a job on the boat and so from that viewpoint they do need to be competent sailors.” Reynolds continues, “The great thing as well is that everyone on the crew ‘gets it’, they understand. The comments and feedback we have had from them is that they are so proud of what they do but also realise that to others it might appear like a secret club. On the one hand I don’t think many people really do have a solid understanding of just how high the standard is across the board at the AudiMedCup, and by that I mean not just the sailors, but the media, the race officers, the shore teams, everything.”

“I don’t think there is any risk to the team’s performance. This is not something the team feel burdened by at all. They are not just mercenaries paid to get a result. Their efforts and talents are way beyond that, and so many times with this team you are reminded that they go above and beyond on so many things.” Reynolds states.

“So many people are excited about this Quantum Racing projects. For whatever reason one of the weaknesses of our sport is that it is seen as exclusive, so we do all we can to break that perception. We sponsor things like the female college sailor of the year, and disabled sailing, but we want to open up the access to how cool it is.”

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