Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: PUMA LEG TEN DAY 2 QFB; received 26.06.09 1926 GMT

by Kenny Read (skipper)

I now know that I have heard it all. This race has been extended! The race organizers didn't think the previous 37,000 miles were long enough so this leg has been extended. Oh my God.

What makes it a bit of a bummer is the fact that we are leading, the wind is getting lighter, and the two light air rocket ships (Telefónica black and blue) are right behind us. Oh well. Never easy.

We have sailed a solid leg to date. Need to keep it up. Will report after the finish. A 30-mile triangle to do now and it is full on.

Just came down for a snack and a layer of clothes and to catch a breath.

Tacking, got to go.

Volvo Ocean Race

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