Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 3 LEG TEN DAY 2 QFB: received 26.06.09 1204 GMT

by Gustav Morin

Sleepy people

It is not only Magnus Olsson who is tired on Ericsson 3. It feels like everyone is taking every opportunity they can to get some sleep. We are running a standby watch system with three hours off and six hours on, but if there is not much happening some of the guys can go to sleep during the watch.

We have learned from the leg to Marstrand where everyone got extremely tired at the same time. But it feels a bit strange to come on deck when three guys are lying around sleeping.

I am also tired, having only slept two hours in my bunk since we left Stockholm and a couple of minutes on and off when I, like always, crash with the computer in my lap. I start to think about something to write and suddenly my thoughts just get more and more crazy and soon I’m off to never-never land. If I close my eyes and relax, it takes about 15 seconds to fall asleep.

The positions have not changed much the last couple of hours. Telefónica Black and PUMA are still a couple of miles in front. Blue and Ericsson 4 around five miles up to windward.

Volvo Ocean Race

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