Saturday, 27 June 2009

VOR: PUMA - Tacking soon...

by Rick Deppe

Apparently the hammering taken by Telefonica Blue the other week on the rocks outside Marstrand seems to have had very little effect on the boat. They do not have a speed problem at the moment. I'm sure they might see it differently because they just failed to get by us after coming at us hard since trailing in second from the start. A big effort by the PUMA crew and a bit of a header to 54 degrees has meant that il mostro keeps the lead for now. Howeever, despite our nice half mile lead the chasing pack of Tele Blue and the E's look particularly menacing right now. Capey is in the hot seat monitoring this expected right hander and at some point he will be making the call to tack onto starboard. In anticipation of the tack all the crew is on deck and as I write I can hear the guys trimming the runner winch. I'm not going to miss the noise it makes when they ease it.

It’s quite a bit chillier out here than it was in the waters around Stockholm- not surprising really at such a northern latitude. Thankfully there is very little water coming over the decks. The current 14C water temperature and our upwind sailing, waves would be a bad thing..

Things are very quiet on the boat, I had been hoping for some type of raucous Baltic Beer cruise which would give me something to get my teeth into as a final video contribution to the race, but right now the guys seem hyper focused and no one is even saying very interesting. Maybe tomorrow when the wind dies they will relax a bit.

Next report at midnight.

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