Friday, 4 December 2009

And So it Begins

Mirsky Racing Team at the Monsoon Cup: Kyle Langford, Kinley Fowler, Torvar Mirsky, Tudur Owen and Graeme Spence. Image copyright Brendon O'Hagan/Subzero Images.

by Kinley Fowler

As the first stage of the World Tour final moves on to its late stages, the Mirsky Racing Team are in a strong position, finishing day two of the Monsoon Cup with 5 wins.

Strong currents and varible winds in Terengganu, saw some big upsets today with current world champions Bahrain Team Pindar having a lot on in order to make it to the quarter final stage.

MRT first faced young Kiwi team Waka Racing, lead by Phil Robertson. Waka Racing capitalized on an MRT mistake in the prestart and had the advantage off the line. Once Waka Racing had secured the right side of the course, MRT didn't get a glimpse of the lead.

Although the loss to the young kiwi's was an upset, it proved that it was imperative to get out to the right side of the course straight off the line. With this in mind, MRT went on to defeat the local hero Hazim Hazwan.

The final race saw the two teams on top of the Tour BlackMatch Racing and MRT, face off in a fiery match. BlackMatch Racing won the start, winning the right side of the course, however they incurred a penalty so needed to keep the lead. With a new level of intensity the Australian's fought hard to take the lead at the top mark, and despite a few close calls around the track, MRT took the win.

"It was an excellent win for us!" said an elated tactician Kyle Langford. "We always have close races, and it was only a small mistake by them up the first work that gave us the lead. We are stoked, but at the same time it's just one race, and we still have three more hard races before we can start thinking about the World Tour trophy."

Tomorrow's racing will see the conclusion of the round robin, and the teams turn up the heat as their grasp on the World Match Racing Tour gets closer.


Team Origin - Ben Ainslie 7 wins 2 losses
Waka Racing - Phil Robertson 6 wins 3 losses
French Match racing - Mathieu Richard 6 wins 3 losses
Mirsky Racing Team - Torvar Mirsky 5 wins 3 losses
Victory Challenge - Magnus Holmberg 5 wins 3 losses
ALL4ONE - Sebastien Col 5 wins 3 losses
YANMAR Racing - Peter Gilmour 4 wins 4 losses
BlackMatch Racing - Adam Minoprio 4 wins 4 losses
French Match Racing - Damien Iehl 4 wins 5 losses
Team Azzura - Francesco Bruni 3 wins 6 losses
Bahrain Team Pindar - Ian Williams 3 wins 6 losses
Taring Pelangi - Hazwan Hazim 0 wins 9 losses

Mirsky Racing Team

World Match Racing Tour

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