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VOR: New North Sea Record for Delta Lloyd

Delta Lloyd passes the finish in IJmuiden. It took skipper Bouwe Bekking just 5 hours 23 minutes and 18 seconds to sail Delta Lloyd 105 miles from Lowestoft to IJmuiden, breaking the North Sea record set by VO60 Pleomax by 23 minutes. Image copyright Ronald Koelink -

by Delta Lloyd media (in translation)

After completing the Volvo Ocean Race, which saw Delta Lloyd's VO70 sail around the world, the sights were set on the North Sea record. On Wednesday, 2nd December, Delta Lloyd broke the old record - that of Pleomax.

The record breaking was the result of a sportive combination of the most successful Dutch skipper, Bouwe Bekking, together with Dutch sailors with Olympic, Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup experience and fanatical amateurs. Especially for this record attempt, the crew was completed with two employees of Delta Lloyd. Also a member of the Council board, Paul Medendorp, was of the party.

Old Record Broken
The North Sea record stood at 5 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds and was established in March 2008. Delta Lloyd left around 09.16 hours (NL time) from the English town of Lowestoft and knew that the 105 nautical miles (ca. 200 kilometres) to IJmuiden could be completed in a yet faster time. On board a GPS tracker system went with the boat. With this, the boat could be followed on a website.

Champagne for Bouwe Bekking. Image copyright Ronald Koelink -

Average: 18 knots
Leave Dutch time: 09.16 hours
Arrival Dutch time: 14.52 hours
Sailed time: 05h 36m 18s
Wind: 22 knots on average
Direction: 160-180, turned to 145


The complete crew. Image copyright Ronald Koelink -

Skipper: Bouwe Bekking
General co-ordination: Gideon Messink
Mainsail: Frans Hinfelaar
Trimmer/pit: Peter van Niekerk
Trimmer/pit: Rogier van Overveld
Trimmer/pit: Herbert Derksen
Floater/foredeck: Bert Schandevyl
Navigator: Jelle Kasteel
Camera/mediaman: Sander Pluijm
Delta Lloyd: Paul Medendorp, Egbert Vroom, Frank Schalkwijk, Kees de Vries, Bart Leijssen, Dineke Polman
Zeilen magazine: Klaas Wiersma
Shore navigator: Frits Koek

Delta Lloyd
Volvo Ocean Race

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