Thursday, 27 May 2010

LVT: Mascalzone Latino Audi Team defeat Team Synergy

Mascalzone Latino Audi Team defeat Synergy Russian Sailing Team. Image copyright Gareth Cooke/Mascalzone Latino Audi Team.

by Lorenza Priamo

Mascalzone Latino Audi Team beat Russian Synergy by 8 seconds after a heart stopping duel in the final stretch of the last run.

Once again, Gavin Brady and his "Latin Rascals" displayed their great skills downwind by attacking and rolling over the Russian boat in the, exciting, final stretch of the last run. In their attempt to throw back a gybe, Synergy received a double penalty right before the last gybe to the finish line, putting an end to their aspirations. However, Mascalzone would have won anyway since they crossed the finish line with their bow ahead of the Russian one.

Synergy hit the starting line with slightly better speed and thanks to a favorable right wind shift the Russians were able to round the first weather mark a boatlength ahead of Mascalzone. They managed to hold on to their lead at the leeward gate but in the second beat Mascalzone Latino chose the left and was able to make a good recovery, not enough to overtake Synergy but more than enough to squeeze them before the attack in the last leg.

With this victory Mascalzone Latino promptly react to the penalty point that was deducted by the jury after the contact, without any damage to the boats, which took place in their race with All4One.

"We are obviously happy with the result - stated strategist Cameron Dunn - even if the start wasn't exactly what we would have wanted. However, we kept in contact with out opponent, we put pressure on them and once we overtook them we stayed concentrated. It was truly a nice race".

Alberto Barovier, winner of the 33rd America's Cup and mid bow on Mascalzone Latino: "Today we had a nice sirocco of 15 knots, and with that fresh breeze we had another exciting race against Synegy. We kept in contact with the Russian team throughout the race and in the second run we were able to cover them, roll over them and trigger their aggressiveness, something that cost them a double penalty. Another very important point for us".

Mascalzone Latino Audi Team
Louis Vuitton Trophy