Monday, 28 March 2011

NZ Nation's Cup Qualifier: Laurie Jury Wins!

Team Kiwi Match Win the New Zealand Nation's Cup Qualifier (Open Division)

Nations Cup - New Zealand Trials, 25 - 27 March 2011 (Open Event)

No racing Sunday! Results at the end of Round Robin 2 stand. Laurie Jury is the winner!

Flight One
Jury beat Corbett by 15s
Tiller beat Steven by 14s

Flight Two
Corbett beat Coltman by 3s
Steven beat Jury by 4s

Flight Three
Tiller beat Coltman by 10s
Corbett beat Steven by 20s

Flight Four
Jury beat Coltman DSQ
Corbett beat Tiller by 45s

Flight Five
Steven beat Coltman by 21s
Jury beat Tiller by 45s

Standings after Round Robin Two:
Laurie Jury – 7 wins/1 loss
Reuben Corbett – 4/4
William Tiller – 4/4
Matt Steven – 4/4
Tim Coltman – 1/7

1. Matthew Steven, RPNYC
2. Tim Coltman, RPNYC
3. Reuben Corbett, RNZYS
4. Laurie Jury, RNZYS
5. William Tiller, RNZYS

Womens Event winner: Olivia Powrie

Regional Final Oceania
Open and Women Division
Venue: Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Sydney, Australia, Elliott 6
Dates: 12-14 May 2011