Monday, 28 March 2011

SAP 505 Worlds Racing Abandoned for a Second Day

The palms are more than swaying in the breeze today. Image copyright Christophe Favreau.

by Di Pearson

Conditions have worsened at Hamilton Island where the 2011 SAP 505 World Championship is being held, so Race officer Kevin Wilson has had no alternative but to abandon racing for a second consecutive day at 11.00am, declaring the course area “too dangerous to send the competitors out on.”

Wilson said the plan is to run two races back-to-back tomorrow, with the first warning signal set for 10.00am.

Event organiser, Carter Jackson commented: “We’re all disappointed we can’t go racing, but the waves are in excess of 3 metres and it’ll get worse at 12.40pm local time, when the tide turns.”

The abandonment did not come as a surprise, the local radar and forecasts showed what was on offer and the foul weather may continue into tomorrow as well – teeming rain and all!. So what will the sailors and officials do with their day off?

Crews wait for news in the SAP marquee. Image copyright Christophe Favreau.

International jury member Tim Went from South Australia: “I’ll probably have a snooze and read a book. I haven’t had much sleep, because my room-mate Andrew (Davies) keeps waking me up for a chat in the early hours of the morning!”

Fellow jury member Vicki Gilmour from the USA also thought she might get some reading in, and “Maybe I’ll get Andrew (Davies) to show me how to use skype. I’ll also watch the weather from my room’s window.

Glenys Wilson, part of the shore team management: “I might finish my book and then go to the gym. Then I’ll probably spend some time with my husband (Race officer Kevin Wilson). We’ll be going to the event barbecue later too.”

Victorian competitor, Jonathan Ross: “If I had a sailboard, I’d be out on it – this is great sailboarding weather. Patrick (McGale) and I sailed the Worlds together in San Francisco, and we had some of the same weather there, so we drank a lot of coffee. We’ll probably do that again.”

Patrick McGale, a UK skipper: “Like Jonathan said, we’ll drink a few cups of coffee. It’s a great time socialise.”

Nicola Birkner, a German skipper: “A few of us will just be hanging around and maybe having a tea ceremony with friends like we did yesterday and talk to friends. It’s also fantastic to be able to use the great technology that SAP has provided us in the marquee.”

Along with lots of others who brought their families to Hamilton Island, Shore Manager Frank Karlovecz was wondering how he and his wife were going to keep their pre-five year-olds entertained indoors for the second day in a row. “It’s quite hard, because they don’t like being shut inside for too long, and neither do we!”

At least most were kept entertained by the football on television yesterday, but being Monday, that option is not there.

Family and fans can follow racing live via the tracker with SAP analysis, video and more on the official site at:

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