Saturday, 12 March 2011

Y's Cup Match Racing, Day Two, Marseille: Blown Off in the Morning

by Coralie Jonet (in translation by SailRaceWin)

Short attempt this morning: After 30 minutes on the water, the wind climbed to 25 to 35 knots. The race committee called everyone back to land.
The next briefing for the competitors will be at midday, without doubt to announce cancellation for the day and to fix the rendez-vous for tomorrow, Sunday.

In French:

Courte tentative ce matin : après 30 minutes passées sur l'eau, le vent est passé de 25 à 35 noeuds. Le comité de course vient de rappeler les concurrents à terre.
Prochain briefing coureurs à midi, sans doute pour annoncer l'annulation de la journée et fixer le rendez-vous pour demain dimanche.

Y's Cup, YCPR, Marseille