Sunday, 17 April 2011

BWR: HUGO BOSS Video Conference 11th April 2011

Andy Meiklejohn (NZL) is on the left, and Wouter Verbraak (NED) on the right, in the video below.

Andy Meiklejohn commented, re. consumption of the ham (shown in an earlier video conference), and about which they had requested advice as to whether to consume it or not... [and had followed SailRaceWin's suggestion of doing the "smell" test :-)] that their digestive systems are not in the greatest of shape. Freeze-dried food on boats is similar to army rations. SailRaceWin consumed army rations when camped up a glaciated valley in Norway (and experienced the daily katabatic - down valley - breeze off the glacier) doing research many years ago... The British Royal Marines were encamped in the valley nearby, doing artic training on the ice cap, Jostedalsbrae. However, the weather was so bad that they left! The Marines kindly donated some of their rations to us on departure (although I recall that we actually had greater need of fuel at the time for heating same!). They certainly affect the digestive system (as they are designed to do)! Incidentally, the glacier in question, Fabergstolsbrae had had its name changed from that in the early nineteenth century, when it was called Bjornstegsbrae (literally "bear's path glacier")... No bears were sited on our trip!

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