Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Match Race Open de Espana, Calpe: Waka Racing (NZL) Say Hola! on Day 2

Waka Racing competing off Calpe. Image copyright RCNC.

by Waka Racing media

Today was another solid day for the boys of Waka Racing. The conditions started with a beautiful 12 knots, dropping throughout the day with clear sky’s. The dropping breeze made it tricky to read and tough at times.

We had four tough races. Wins against Lindberg (Fin) and Pace (Fra). A couple of small mistakes leading loses against Walker (Aus) and Williams (Eng).

With three races left in the round robin for us. They are must wins as it cuts straight to semi finals. Four of us tied for fourth spot should make for an interesting day tomorrow. Races against Marinho (Por), Hansen (Swe) and Morvan (Fra).

Overall results:

Robertson 4-4
Williams 7-8
Morvan 6-8
Ferrarese 5-8
Walker 4-4
Pace 4-4
Swinton 4-4
Weiller 3-8
Hansen 3-8
Lindberg 3-8
Corbett 3-8
Marinho 2- 8

Waka Racing would like to thank all sponsors and supporters; Tax Management New Zealand, KZ Race Furlers, Line 7/Events Clothing, Frontend Design and the RNZYS.

WAKA RACING is Phil Robertson, Garth Ellingham, James Williamson, Sam Bell and Hayden Goodrick.

Waka Racing