Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Match Race Open de Espana, Calpe: Waka Racing (NZL) into the Semi-Finals

Robertson's Waka Racing lead Williams' Team GAC Pindar in the first semi-final. Image copyright RCNC.

by Waka Racing media

Today was a great day for the team. A solid 15-20 knots blowing off shore made for some more tough, physical racing.

A great finish to the round robin saw us win our final three wins against Hansen (SWE), Morvan (FRA) and Marinho (POR). This secured a spot in the semi finals, qualifying 3rd.

Semi-finals saw us line up against Ian Williams from England. The first one was tough. We rounded the bottom mark just behind him and unfortunately gear failure (main halyard) meant we had to retire after the first tack. Leaving us down, 1-0.

The next race was even better. We led the entire race, but with a penalty on us, which we got in the pre-start. We felt we had enough of a lead to do it right on the finish line and still cross in front. This was the case but, not doing the penalty technically correct (doing the penalty on the finish side and not returning to the coarse side before finishing) we lost.

So we finished the day down 2-0 in a best of 5 series against Williams. Morvan (FRA) is up 2-0 against Ferrarese (ITA) in the other semi final. Tomorrow we must win three straight against Williams for a place in the finals.

Round robin results:
Morvan 8-3
Williams 8-3
Robertson 7-4
Ferrarese 6-5
Swinton 6-5
Pace 5.5-5 (lost half a point for causing damage)
Walker 5-6
Lindburg 5-6
Weiller 4-7
Corbett 4-7
Hansen 4-7
Marinho 3-7

Waka Racing would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. Tax Management New Zealand, KZ Race Furlers, Line 7/Events clothing, Frontend Design and the RNZYS.

WAKA RACING is Phil Robertson, Garth Ellingham, James Williamson, Sam Bell and Hayden Goodrick.

Waka Racing