Sunday, 17 May 2009

Audi MedCup: The Left Rewards Pisco Sour III in Three Starts

TP52 class start in the City of Alicante Trophy. Image copyright Ruben Ballester.

by DabliuSailProject media (in translation)

For Vasco Vascotto and the team of Pisco Sour III the objective of the fourth day of the Trophy Ciudad De Alicante was to confirm the enhancement seen in three races disputed yesterday. Russell Coutts has taken the head of the general listing to the damages of Quantum and Emirates Team New Zealand. It is also the day of the first victory in the circuit of the Portuguese of Bigamist, but above all, of the excellent results, 4-4-3, of Pisco Sour III.

With an unstable wind of intensity around 8-10 knots the field presented not little snares: sensibility, concentration and choice of the best tactics made the difference. The start was punctual to 13.05, a large battle always to secure the better position, this time by the owner of Pisco Sour on the pin, chosen firmly and with the will of Vascotto. It was so for all three races of the day.

The first round was won by Emirates Team New Zealand, which experiences its baptism in this circuit, the second place went to Artemis - with Russell Coutts as tactician - and third place for El Desafio; Pisco Sour was fourth.

The wind today did not bite but was unpredictable, every small leap can leave its mark, to profit of Bigamist that gained its first win in the history of the circuit, in the second race, in front of Artemis and Emirates Team New Zealand, with Pisco Sour in "excellent shape" in fourth again.

The committee got ready for the third race, and Pisco Sour III, wins the third consecutive departure, always on the pin, and was followed Artemis. There was a crowd at the other end of the field and Emirates Team New Zealand ended up in the "whirl" of the stopped. Russell Coutts, completed the race with a victory, with Bribon second before the third one, Pisco Sour; Emirates Team New Zealand is tenth.

Pisco Sour III. Image copyright DabliuSailProject.

"From small steps, we succeeded to make giant gains", commented Vasco Vascotto, skipper and tactician of Pisco Sour III. "We are aware of our enhancement and today we did everything well. The concentration and the improvements brought this morning with some regulations, have borne fruit. Tomorrow we should come down in water with the right determined expression."

"Three perfect starts were fundamental for the final result", said Alberto Bolzan, helmsman of Pisco Sour III. "The wind was very variable and the boys maneuvered well. Vasco was brilliant. The lessons learnt after the first three days of racing improved remarkably the services of the boat. These boats are so tecnological that we need a lot of work to reach the top of the perfomance levels."

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