Tuesday, 19 May 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG SEVEN DAY 3 QFB; received 18.05.09 1528 GMT

A few minutes after the start of Leg 7 from Boston to Galway, Xabi Fernandez checks the other competitor's position, Tom Addis checks the course and Jordi Calafat trims the main. Image copyright Gabriele Olivo/Telefonica Blue/Volvo Ocean Race.

by Bouwe Bekking (skipper)

Not much to report, still sailing in thick fog and having a very close race, where everybody can win at the scoring gate - it will be another cliff-hanger. You win and you will be happy, you lose and still you might think you sailed ok, but losing is losing.

Of course we set our hopes and minds on the maximum score and we are fighting for every meter. Now that that the wind has dropped, it is not as cold anymore, nearly pleasant on deck. Still can't see any of the other boats, just keeping an eye on the radar. Last night we were only a few meters apart from what we thought was Ericsson 4. You could barely see their lights but could hear the sheets getting eased, great carbon drums are these boats. I think we both thought this was a bit too close as we separated quickly again. The guys are all in good shape, and we are in a full routine again. Doesn't take too much time to forget all the luxury from ashore.

Volvo Ocean Race

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