Thursday, 21 May 2009

VOR: GREEN DRAGON LEG SEVEN DAY 4 QFB: received 19.05.09 2306 GMT

by Ian Walker (skipper)

We are currently passing over the southern tip of the Grand Banks 250 miles off Newfoundland, Canada. This is where the race committee have put the first of our ice gate waypoints. Having seen four icebergs in the Southern Ocean we have no urge to see any more right now.

As if we need any reminder of the threat of ice, we were today over-flown by the ice patrol plane. They must think we are all bonkers sailing all the way up here. It should not be forgotten that the Titanic famously struck an iceberg and sank 75 miles south of our current position. Like the Titanic, we set off from Cobh near Cork, Ireland, but unlike the Titanic, we have considerably more technological help. For starters we have iceberg reports from spotter planes and satellites. We have onboard radar which should spot larger bergs and thermometers to measure the water temperature. If things go really bad we have watertight doors which, unlike the Titanic, go all the way up to the deck and, of course, we are being watched over by Volvo Race HQ. Should be no problem getting a good night's sleep then!

Volvo Ocean Race

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