Thursday, 21 May 2009

VOR: DELTA LLOYD LEG SEVEN DAY 5 QFB: received 20.05.09 1005 GMT

by Sander Pluijm

What an exciting day this was! Happy faces on the Delta Lloyd. After we decided to let the scoring gate be, navigator Wouter Verbraak warned us 'that it was going to be a tricky day'.

And it became a difficult day of sailing. A day full of fighting shifts and currents. Gains were made all in very little windshifts. More southerly it became a fight for the right current. Like every other boat we were looking for the warm Gulf Stream. Warm water means more breeze.

When finally after two tacks we found the Gulf Stream, the water-temperature went up 5 degrees from 12 to 17 degrees in a few miles. The difference between three layers of fleece and thermals or just a t-shirt. So the boys were happy that the sun finally brought some warmth on deck. But most important of all, our tactics worked!

We let the scoring gate be, in order to aim for the long term strategy and to get back to the fleet. And here, at the end of the day, we are surrounded by boats. Everywhere around our boat we see the rest of the fleet. So after four days of racing we are back on track and in the middle of the pack.

Tonight is going to be tricky because the water temp will drop, so light wind and thermals back on, because it will be a cold night again.

Volvo Ocean Race

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