Friday, 26 February 2010

CentrePort Wellington International Youth Match Racing Championships Update on Day 3

Matt Steven walks on water! Image copyright Russell Brooking/RPNYC.

by Matt Chan

Light southerlies on day 3 so racing will be taking place around the corner in Evans Bay. The teams piled aboard Te Ruru and made their way out.

Image copyright Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

Flight 8 complete in perfect 15 knot southerlies, gusting 20 Porebski beat Mackenzie by 37 seconds, the latter had halyard problems which didn't affect the result. In the second match Reece beat Pooley by 6 seconds after being behind at the last mark .

Currently delayed as halyards untwisted on boat 2.

Perfect conditions for match racing!

How do you fix a halyard on a E6?

You walk up the mast... after first capsizing the little keeler. Yep, Matty Steven just untangled the halyards on his boats, apparently by walking on water.

Image copyright Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

In Flight 9, match 1, penalty against Waterhouse in the pre-start.

Flight 9, Mackenzie beat Waterhouse by 15 seconds. In the first local derby of the day, Steven beat Coltman off the line and sailed away to a 26 second win.

Image copyright Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

Flight 10, no prestart issues. In match 1 Steve beat Waterhouse by 43 seconds, leading from start to finish. In a clean match, Coltman beat Mackenzie by 11 seconds.

Flight 11, clean starts all round. Reece beat Dawson by 43 seconds leading from start to finish . Steven beat Porebski by 17 seconds who picked up an on course penalty.

Image copyright Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

Flight 12, once again clean starts all around. Steven blew Reece away cleanly by 42 seconds, Porebski beat Dawson in a similar fashion by 1 minute 36 seconds. Dawson experienced kite problems down the first run.

Flight 13 includes an important match for Coltman. He must win one of the last two to make the semis and if wins both will finish second. Steven is the clear winner. Mackenzie and Reece also in with a chance.

Porebski will go through if Coltman loses both.

Image copyright Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

Flight 13, clean starts with Coltman holding slight advantage over Pooley at the start and ahead at first cross.

Note from SailRaceWin: Matt Steven (RPNYC) has won Round Robin 2 with a win-loss record of 7-0. Mackenzie (CYCA) finishes RR2 on 5-2. This gives them 12 and 10 points combined, respectively. Reece (RSYS) has dropped on RR2, winning only 2 matches out of 6 so far, to add to the six points he obtained from winning RR1, making a total of 8 points at present.

It is the combined total of points from the two round robins that will determine the top four to go through to the semi-finals. Wellingtonian Matt Steven has secured his place in the semis.

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club

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