Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wellingtonian Takes CentrePort International Youth Match Racing 2010

"The man who walks on water", Matt Steven, RPNYC, won the final 3-0 over Will Mackenzie from the CYCA, Australia. Steven had an all-girl crew: Anita Trudgen, Heather Trudgen and Hana Maguire

Matt Steven sorting halyards on his E6 during the CentrePort International Youth Match Racing 2010. Image copyright Russell Brooking/RPNYC.

by Matt Chan

Wellington has turned on a cracker of a day for the finals. Racing resumes in front of the club today in an unusual 10 knot easterly (will it last?). Finals will be held first followed by the 5th - 8th sail-offs.

Finals Flight 1: Steven wins start and builds a 40 second win in 10 knot warm breeze. In match 2 Coltman loses start by half a boat length and Reece slaps close cover for first beat. Coltman closes to 2 boat lengths but Reece holds him out for a 33 second win. (Coltman flying red flag possibly because of green flag in the pre-start.)

Similar breeze for Flight 2 of the Finals. Tight start Steven right at the pin with leebow on Mackenzie. In the petit final there is an excellent start with win to Coltman at the committee boat. Reece leads Coltman by 4 boat lengths at mark one.

Steven beat Mackenzie by 9 seconds after a furious gybing duel downwind. Steven covering perfectly to take a two-nil lead in series.

Flight 3: 6-8 knot breeze. Match 1 both boats early with Steven controlling. Both tack back with Steven hitting the committee boat end at speed and on the correct side of the left shift. Well ahead at mark 1, finals may be over...

Match 2, Coltman cleaned out by Reece in start by 3 boat lengths showing perfect time on distance, however they have split and the wind is dying. Reece may have new breeze earlier.

Bottom mark Steven by 15 second over Mackenzie. Match 2 around top mark in little wind. Reece leads Coltman.

Coltman leading to bottom mark right in front of Committee Boat, blanketed, bascially even, Coltman leading by a quarter of Boat length around the bottom mark.

Steven halfway down last leg coming into finish - Mackenzie hasn't made it to top mark. Looks like Steven has won the CentrePort International Youth Match Racing Regatta 2010.

STEVEN WINS! A big left shift exagerates the win to 3 minute 17 seconds.

Coltman wins by 11 seconds but red flag on Reece.

Third, fourth and lower placings are still outstanding. A full report will follow.

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club

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