Sunday, 21 February 2010

JVT: The Banque Populaire Team Maintains Observation of the Conditions

Banque Populaire V. Image copyright B. Stichelbaut/BPCE.

by Virginie Bouchet (in translation by SailRaceWin)

After an inexorable degradation of the forecast conditions and a return to code red last weekend, the whole forecast team of the Team Banque Populaire remains always in readiness and observation of all the possible solutions for a departure for an attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy.

The announced date for the end of the stand by arrived but the Team remains more or less on the bridge in order to survey all the opportunities that again could allow them to put themselves on the hunt for the Jules Verne Trophy: "The anticipations for the six next days do not present the best auspices because of a low pressure system far enough south in place on the Atlantic Ocean, but we shall see what situations are presented in the all first days of the month of March", confirms Pascal Bidégorry.

Banque Populaire V

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